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Extruded Plastic Mesh (Extruded Plastic Netting)

Extruded plastic netting is an all purpose plastic mesh that can be used for long lasting support netting of climbing plants, barrier fencing and tree guards. Snow has first class plastic mesh extrusion line for production.

extruded plastic mesh made from quality materials through extrusion process to form various plastic mesh and netting products.

Extruded plastic mesh can be produced in a wide range from barrier fencing plastic mesh with lightweight to heavy turf reinforcement plastic mesh and safety mesh against theft, pets, etc.

Common opening types for extruded plastic mesh include rectangular, round and diamond mesh types.
Usually packed in rolls in plastic film bags with labels inside, and loosely loaded into the container. Many different mesh sizes and roll sized available for these products.

We supply plastic netting in full ranges of sizes and applications, mainly used in construction, gardens, agriculture, engineering and other uses.

Orange Extruded Plastic Netting:   Extruded Plastic Netting Barrier:
Orange Extruded Plastic Netting   Extruded Plastic Netting Barrier
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