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knitted mesh

Monofilament Shade/Windbreak Netting
Knitted net with a mesh size of 2mm by 3mm and produced from polyethylene threads. Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Suitable as a windbreak, it will protect plants and seed beds from wind, frost or strong sunlight. Ideal for shading conservatories, greenhouses & polytunnels in summer. Incorporates sewn eyelets for easy fixing. 6-8 year life. 50% Density. Colour - Green.

knitted mesh

Detailed Product Description


1.Good alkaline-resistance
2.High strength
3.Good cohesion for waterproofing;
4.The anti-corrosive performance is good; excellent in coating
5.May according to the customer request, carries on each kind of function coating.


1.For Exterior wall heat insulation: Fiberglass Knitted mesh is a kind of necessary
structure material in the EIFS(Exterior insulation and finish systems). The fiberglass
mesh has high strength, good cohesion and can combine with EPS board firmly.Moreover, it can resistant alkaline material among the building materialsuch as cement and others, therefore, it is an ideal reinforcement material in the EIFS.

2.For root water-proof: As there is almost no strength in waterproof medium(bitumen)itself,
the waterproof system is easy to crack and leak due to temperature change,sunshine and wind, etc. When put the fiberglass mesh in the system, it canstrengthen the ability to resist this influence because of its properties of high tensile strength. This will bring people a comfortable space and conveniencelife.

3.For stone reinforcement, Fiberglass mesh can reinforce and protect stones because
of its high strength and balance structure, it can spread the stress equally.And it is easy to be sticked in the back of marble, mosaic and stone. It is anideal reinforcement for all stone-processing factories.

4. For Vinyl laminate fabric using for windscreens;Common specification: Mass: 105, 210, 345, 420, 75, 150, 225, 290, 100, 380, 190gsm

fiberglass knitted mesh fabricfiberglass knitted mesh fabric

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